Ministering the Gospel of Christ Jesus to the Inmates and Staff of the Pima County Adult Detention Complex

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About the Pima County Jail Ministry

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The Pima County Jail Ministry was established in 1976 when four inmates requested permission to have a Bible study with a Chaplain. The Sheriff’s Dept granted the inmates' request and they were allowed to have a Bible study every two weeks with a volunteer Chaplain. Since then the ministry has grown from a Bible study every two weeks with four inmates, to over fifty religious programs a week for hundreds of inmates.

There are over 50 Volunteer Chaplains and over 250 religious volunteers that make this happen, from Chapel services, Bible studies, greeting cards, and religious library book distribution, there are quite a number of services we are able to provide for the staff and inmates and the families they represent.

With over 2000 inmates housed in the Pima County Adult Detention Complex on any given day, we are mandated by Christ to bring positive transformation to the hearts and minds of our detained men, women and youth through the unconditional love and grace of God (Matthew 18:10-14).

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